Descendants of William Howard EVERDEN

Third Generation

18. Emily Annie CURTIS (Elizabeth Ann EVERDEN , William Howard ) was born in 1884 in Gravesend.

OCCUPATION: (1901): Dressmaker

MARRIAGE: FreeBMD: Mar 1908 Vol 2a Page 823, Gravesend District

ADDRESS: (1891): Living with parents
(1901): Living with parents

Emily married James Payne SUTHERLAND in Mar 1908 in Gravesend.

They had the following children:

  49 F i Living
  50 F ii Living

30. William John MARTIN (Jane Louisa EVERDEN , William Howard ) was born about May 1884 in Gravesend. He died on 21 Jun 1962 in Chartham Bridge, Blean.

OCCUPATION: (1901) Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer
(1905): Upholsterer
Death certificate states retired Marine Chandler

ADDRESS: (1891): Living with parents
(1901): Living with parents
(1905, marriage certificate): 31 South Eastern Road, Frindsbury
(1909): 43 Beulah Road, Tunbridge Wells
(1955/6): Lived at Old Roley, Wiles Road, Chatham
1 The Bayle, Folkestone, Kent

MARRIAGE: (1837online): Jan-Mar 1905 Vol 2a Page 777, Medway District

BIOGRAPHY: Frank & Bill ran a (new) tool shop opposite their shop. Dad remembers that he lived in a flat above which was apparently managed by a Mr Chitticks who played the euphonium in the Salvation Army. Two girls helped in the shop - Dora Holmes, who lived in Cuxton Road, and Vera Lorriman from Luton. Bill had an affair with Clara Parrish who ran a cafe next door or nearby. They had a child called Thelma Parrish b 1918, Rochester district.Thelma lived in Folkestone, 1969.

DEATH: (1837online): Apr - Jun 1962 Vol 5B Page 88, Bridge District (nr Canterbury). Died in St Augustine's Hospital.

BIRTH: (FreeBMD): Apr-Jun 1884, Vol 2A Page 493 - Gravesend District

William married (1) Florence Annie BURNIP daughter of Robert BURNIP and Annie PAYNE on 19 Mar 1905 in St Mary's, Strood, Kent. Florence was born on 25 Dec 1885 in Rochester, Kent.

Born abroard, possibly Spain. Spanish Mother.
BIRTH: (FreeBMD): Vol 2a Page 280, Medway District (probably Rochester)
(1837online): Jan - Mar 1886 Vol2A Page 690, Medway District

BIOGRAPHY: Illegitimate child John Gibbs born around 1930/1 after marriage broke up. Moved to Australia.

ADDRESS: (1891): Living with Aunt & Uncle (Arthur & Ruth French) 5 South Eastern Road, Frindsbury, Rochester
(1901): Living with Aunt at 29 South Eastern Road, Frindsbury, Rochester. Arthur must have been elsewhere on this night!
(1905): 29 South Eastern Road

OCCUPATION: (1901): Dressmaker apprentice. Ran hat shop in Folkestone.

BIRTH: (Tony Parrish): "Probably the illegitimate child of some dignitary from Rainham. Thought to have been abroad and to a Spansih mother. Some of her childhood or teens were spent in surroundings of considerable opulance".

William and Florence had the following children:

+ 51 F i Winifred Florence MARTIN
+ 52 F ii Doris Ruth MARTIN

William married (2) Clara Alice Harriet PARRISH Unmarried.

ADDRESS: (1918): 361 High Street, Rochester (Chemist).

William and Clara had the following children:

+ 53 F iii Thelma Mavis PARRISH

31. Bernard MARTIN (Jane Louisa EVERDEN , William Howard ) was born on 16 Feb 1886 in Rochester, Kent.

OCCUPATION: (1901) Engineer's Clerk.
Lived in Coventry and worked for Alfred Herbert. Worked in New York.

ADDRESS: (1891): Living with parents
(1901): Living with parents

BIOGRAPHY: Went to Mathmatical School in Rochester and was apprenticed at Aveling and Porter. Worked for Buck and Hickman in London, and later for Alfred Herbert (Coventry) as an engineer. He went to New York to open an office but broke his contract to come back because of marriage/partner problems. Later went back to Alfred Herbert 1934/5 in the Small Tools dept. Brian thinks he married Cis Terry.
Had daughter Ruby, born early 1900 by a partner called Marie??. Apparently they did not marry??. Latterly had another partner called Margaret with a Solihull connection and lived in Nuneaton/Coventry area.
After 1930s lived at Atherstone, Nr Nuneaton. Brian & Ruby (Young)stayed with Bernard in Earlsdon for a few days when they moved from Folkestone to Coventry in November 1936.

BIRTH: (FreeBMD): Jan-Mar 1886 Vol 2A Page 589, Medway District

MARRIAGE: Had an affair with Margaret. Laterly had a partner called Cis Terry (friend of Louie).

DEATH: Died in Nuneaton. Eunice remembers that he was the only white man living solitary life in a modest house.

Bernard married Margaret XXXX unmarried.

BIOGRAPHY: Francis or Cicely

Bernard and Margaret had the following children:

  54 F i Ruby MARTIN died about 1962.

DEATH: Died early of cancer

ADDRESS: St John's Wood connection?

BIOGRAPHY: Had a deformed hip.
        Ruby married Living.

32. Frank Everden MARTIN (Jane Louisa EVERDEN , William Howard ) was born on 26 Sep 1888 in Rochester. He died in 1973 in Rochester, Kent. Frank was employed as Cabinet Maker.

ADDRESS: (1891): Living with parents
(1901): Born at 5 Boley Hill, Rochester (this is incorrect!)
When married lived at 10 Horsley Road, Rochester. Moved to 15 Borstal Road, Rochester which was later renamed 71 St Margaret's Street (next to plot of land). The family lived at The Manor, Borstal during the War, then had the bungalow built on the plot of land which became 69 St Margaret's Street, Rochester. Moved in on 20th July 1951.

OCCUPATION: On leaving school, trained as a cabinet maker at Maples, Tottenham Court Road. Worked as a journeyman for Short Brothers (Engineering firm) during First World War. Later ran shop with brother W J Martin: "Martins" 12-19 High Street, Chatham. Sold tools & ironmongery. Sold up in 1947.

Frank married Bessie Mabel WICKER daughter of Thomas WICKER and Harriet Eliza ROSE on 12 Dec 1914 in Baptist Church, Maidstone Rd, Rochester. Bessie was born on 5 Jan 1889 in Strood, Kent. She died on 18 Nov 1977 in Rochester, Kent.

ADDRESS: (1891): Living with parents
(1901): Living with parents

Frank and Bessie had the following children:

+ 55 M i Ronald MARTIN
+ 56 M ii Jack MARTIN

33. Leonard Stanley MARTIN (Jane Louisa EVERDEN , William Howard ) was born on 7 Jul 1890 in Rochester, Kent. He died on 3 Feb 1942.

BIRTH: FreeBMD: Vol 2a Page 566, Medway District

ADDRESS: (1891): Living with parents
(1901): Living with parents
(1916): 25 Ford Street, Coventry (Eunice's birth certificate)

MARRIAGE: (1837online): Jan - Mar 1915 Vol 2a Page1047, Strood District

BURIAL: Buried in Hawkinge Cemetery. Plot JJ255

OCCUPATION: (1916): Clerk at machine tool works (Coventry)
(1942): Death certificate states Labourer for Engineering Company.

DEATH: (1942): 54 Canterbury Road, Folkestone.

Leonard married Florence Colliver ROWE daughter of Harry ROWE and Eliza BROOME on 28 Mar 1915 in Strood, Kent. Florence was born on 7 Aug 1891 in Strood, Kent. She died on 8 Jul 1974 in Folkestone, Kent.

BURIAL: Buried in Hawkinge Cemetery. Plot JJ255

Leonard and Florence had the following children:

  57 F i Eunice May MARTIN was born on 29 May 1916 in Coventry. She died on 11 Oct 2009 in Folkestone, Kent.

BIRTH: (1837online): Searched 1916-1926 with one hit. Apr-Jun1916 Vol 6D Page 1450, Coventry District

ADDRESS: (2005): Abbeyfield House (Resedential Home), 75 Cheriton Road, Folkestone CT20 1DG (01303 220599)

OCCUPATION: Worked in Nursing service and travelled the world.

BIOGRAPHY: Dedicated and knowledgable Christian

BURIAL: Ashes buried in Hawkinge Cemetery. Plot JJ255
  58 M ii Arthur Colliver Stanley MARTIN was born about Jan 1920. He died on 22 Jan 1920.

DEATH: Died a few months old

35. Ruby Annie MARTIN (Jane Louisa EVERDEN , William Howard ) was born about Aug 1893 in Rochester, Kent. She died about Feb 1937.

ADDRESS: (1919, Marriage certificate): 11 Northgate, Rochester
(1901): Living with parents

MARRIAGE: (1837online): Jan-Mar 1919 Vol2A Page 1481, Medway District

BIRTH: (FreeBMD): Jul-Sep 1893 Vol 2A Page 585, Medway District

BIOGRAPHY: Rather delicate and had a serious illness as a child (Rheumatic fever?). She and Len were very close as children and Len had looked after them though she was younger than Len.
She worked for Cousins, Regent Street, WWI. Louie was already working there as a dressmaker.

Ruby married Eric Victor YOUNG son of William YOUNG on 17 Feb 1919 in St Nicholas, Rochester. Eric was born in 1895 in Bromley, Kent. He died in 1971 in Coventry.

OCCUPATION: (1919, Marriage certificate): Manager

ADDRESS: (1919, Marriage certificate): 1 St Clements Lane, Rochester

BIOGRAPHY: Signed up to Royal Army Service Corps in WWI (medically classified as CB), in Supplies Dept. in London in the Longacre area.
Joined Halfords (probably just after the war), but left in 1934. He had been apprenticed to a cycle-making firm.
1935-6 had a business in Folkestone with Louie. The business failed in 1936, so he Ruby, Brian, Louie and Bill Drury all moved to Coventry, because there was work (and Bernard lived there). Brian worked for Alfred Herbert for a time in 1938. Also worked in Birmingham and moved in with Louie & Bill Drury who had moved to Selly Oak.

MARRIAGE: Married Winnie Fox afetr death of Ruby. Stayed in Coventry.

BIRTH: Helen reckons Strood

Eric and Ruby had the following children:

+ 59 M i Brian YOUNG

38. Edmund John EVERDEN (Arthur , William Howard ) was born on 19 Sep 1895 in Gravesend,Kent. He died in 1987 in Gravesend,Kent.

Edmund married Florence May ROWLAND about Sep 1922 in Gravesend,Kent. Florence was born on 23 May 1899 in Wandsworth, London. She died about Dec 1976 in Dartford,Kent.

They had the following children:

  60 F i Living
+ 61 M ii Living
  62 F iii Living
        Living married Living.
  63 M iv Kenneth P EVERDEN was born about Sep 1936 in STROOD,Kent. He died about Mar 1955 in MARYLEBONE,MIDDLESEX,.
  64 M v Living
+ 65 F vi Living
  66 F vii Living
        Living married Living.

40. Victor Robert EVERDEN (Arthur , William Howard ) was born about 1900 in Gravesend,Kent. He died about Mar 1973 in Dartford,Kent.

Victor married Ellen E PORTER about Sep 1921 in Dartford,Kent. Ellen was born on 28 Mar 1895. She died about Dec 1971 in Dartford,Kent.

They had the following children:

+ 67 M i Living
  68 F ii Living
        Living married Living.

42. James Alfred EVERDEN (Arthur , William Howard ) was born on 15 Feb 1903 in MILTON,Kent. He died in Jun 1988 in Joyce Green Hospital, Dartford.

James married Gertrude May PEARSON on 18 Apr 1927 in GRAVESEND,Kent. Gertrude was born on 24 Jun 1905 in Dartford,Kent. She died on 22 Apr 1979 in Dartford,Kent.

They had the following children:

  69 F i Living
        Living married Living.
  70 F ii Living
        Living married Living.
+ 71 M iii Living
  72 M iv Living
  73 F v Living
        Living married Living.

43. Lily Elsie EVERDEN (Arthur , William Howard ) was born on 1 Oct 1911 in Gravesend, Kent. She died on 12 Nov 2009 in Gravesend, Kent.

Lily married Living.

They had the following children:

+ 74 F i Living

45. Horace EVERDEN (Arthur , William Howard ) was born on 1 Aug 1908. He died in 2004.

He had the following children:

  75 F i Living
        Living married Living.

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