Descendants of Abraham WICKER

Fifth Generation

72. Frank Albert WICKER (Frank Albert , Thomas , John , Abraham ) was born on 24 May 1914 in Gravesend, Kent. He was christened on 29 Jul 1914 in St George, Gravesend. He died on 12 Feb 1992 in Teddington, Mddx.

OCCUPATION: (1940): Royal Naval Officer
(1944, son's birth certificate): Royal Navy
Death certificate states retired architect

ADDRESS: (1940, marriage certificate): 1 Granville Road, Gravesend
Watts Avenue, Rochester

BIRTH: (1837online): Jul-Sep 1914, Vol 2A Page 1353 (St George) Gravesend

MARRIAGE: (1837online): Vol 2A Page 3087, Oct - Dec 1940 - Gravesend District

DEATH: (1992): Memorial Hospital, Teddington

Frank married Kathleen Louvain WATKINS daughter of Charles Ernest Oliver WATKINS.

They had the following children:

  88 M i David F WICKER
  89 F ii Lynn Catherine WICKER
        Lynn married John TEBBUTT.

73. Norman Edward WILKINS (Hettie Harriet WICKER , Thomas , John , Abraham ) was born on 22 Jul 1917 in Strood, Kent. He was christened on 9 Sep 1917 in St Nicholas, Strood. He died on 19 Sep 1991 in Ipswich.

BIOGRAPHY: Did Army service in Egypt during War.

BIRTH: (1837online): Jul-Sep 1917, Vol2A Page 1006 Strood District

CHRISTENING: St Nicholas, Strood 9th Sep 1917. Page 118, No 937 of Parish records

ADDRESS: (1991): Died at 26 Dorset Close, Ipswich

Norman married (1) Betty Elizabeth FOX.

They had the following children:

  90 F i Jill Patricia WILKINS
        Jill married A J WOOD.
  91 M ii Clive Norman WILKINS

Norman married (2) Patricia M BAYBY.

74. Ronald MARTIN (Bessie Mabel WICKER , Thomas , John , Abraham ) was born on 25 Aug 1917 in Rochester. He died on 23 Oct 2009 in Oxford.

ADDRESS: Born at 10 Horsley Road, Rochester.

BIOGRAPHY: Went to school at the Sir Joseph Williamson Mathematical School, Rochester from 1929-33. Took part in G&S operas, and was a second in the Second Math Scout Group. Developed interest in woodwork. Pumped the organ at The Vines Church for Len Halls.
After school worked for Featherstones in men's outfitters from 1933-8. Was asked to become Assistant Manager in Sheerness but decided to sign up for 12 years in Navy.
In 1939 joined the Cumberland as a Supplies Assistant spending time in South Atlantic looking for surface raiders of which one of the most infamous was the German warship Graff Spee. The Cumberland then moved to the North Atlantic escorting convoys.
Left Navy and went to Oakley Training College, Cheltenham 1950-1 for teacher training, then in 1951-2 did craft teacher training at Shoreditch Training College, Englefield Green. Teaching experience started at Troy Town School, followed by Harry Gosling Woodwork Centre and St John Cass School (both in London). In 1958, appointed metalwork teacher at Matthew Arnold, for £72 p/a, promoted to Head of Department.
Took early retirement in 1977 and went to work for the University as a technician for the Department of Educational Studies. On leaving the University in 1985, did voluntary work for Pain Relief unit (Churchill Hospital) and the Wildlife Trust in Cowley.

MARRIAGE: St Nicholas Church, Rochester

Ronald married Vera Irene ROLFE daughter of Clarence Spencer ROLFE and Fanny Dorothy WEBB on 25 Sep 1943 in St Nicholas, Rochester. Vera was born on 17 Apr 1921 in Rochester. She died on 18 Jan 2005 in Appleton, Oxon.

ADDRESS: First lived at 2 James Street, Rochester (1921-9). Lived at 245 Maidstone Road, Rochester (1929-43). When first married lived at 71 St Margaret's Street. When married, spent time in Weymouth (1945), and Dovercourt (Harwich) in 1949 when Dad was serving in Navy. Living in Englefield Green around 1951. Bought first house at 10 Pattens Lane, Rochester (before 1952). 1959 - moved to 42 Collinwood Road, Headington, Oxford. 1965 - moved to Maytree Cottage, Appleton.

BIOGRAPHY: Went to school first at Troy Town 1926-32, then Fort Pitt Grammar School for Girls 1932-8. Played piano under Professor Sharp in 1931. Passed Pitmans & RSA in shorthand (120wpm), and typing (60wpm). From 1938-45 joined Medway Choir and performed amongst others Merrie England, and Rebel Maid at the Central Hall. Choir apparently disbanded during War.

OCCUPATION: From 1938, joined Kent County Council at Springfield, Maidstone, as a Junior Receptionist and clerk in the Elementary Section. From 1939-45, joined the Building Department as a Shorthand Typist, then personal secretary to Mr G White (Sights & Buildings), and Mr Knight in Accounts. From 1968-85 worked for Local Examination Schools, Oxford as a leader of section dealing with certificates.

Ronald and Vera had the following children:

  92 M i Bernard Hugh MARTIN
        Bernard married Joyce Margaret MYLCHREEST.

75. Jack MARTIN (Bessie Mabel WICKER , Thomas , John , Abraham ) was born on 23 Feb 1920. He died on 30 Apr 1983.

ADDRESS: When first married they rented a cottage in Manor lane, Borstal which was owned by father.

BIOGRAPHY: Engineer at Babcock & Wilcox.

Jack married Joan SPELLS on 3 Apr 1943 in St Peter's Church, Rochester. Joan was born on 11 Jan 1920. She died in Dec 1998.

They had the following children:

  93 M i Charles MARTIN
        Charles married Pat.
+ 94 F ii Jane MARTIN

76. Wilfred William WICKER (Wilfred William , John , John , Abraham )

Wilfred married Elsie Grace SEXTON. Elsie was born on 13 Jan 1926 in Strood, Kent. She died on 10 May 1995 in Strood, Kent.

MARRIAGE: First wife.

BIOGRAPHY: Involved with Salvation Army in Strood.

Wilfred and Elsie had the following children:

+ 95 M i Brian Michael WICKER
+ 96 M ii Timothy WICKER

77. Ivan Geoffrey WICKER (Wilfred William , John , John , Abraham )

Ivan married Dorothy Helen JONES.

They had the following children:

+ 97 M i Graham Lewis WICKER
+ 98 M ii Jonathan Nigel WICKER

78. Alan Ewart WICKER (Ewart , John , John , Abraham )

Alan married Beryl M GEE.

They had the following children:

+ 99 F i Susan WICKER
+ 100 F ii Mirian WICKER

79. David Lloyd WICKER (Ewart , John , John , Abraham )

David married Rosemary Ruth SAYER.

They had the following children:

+ 101 F i Carolyn Ann WICKER
+ 102 M ii Michael Anthony WICKER
+ 103 F iii Judith Patricia WICKER

80. Florence Emily COLYER (Alice Sarah WICKER , William , William , Abraham ) was born on 19 Aug 1903. She died on 5 Oct 1980.

Florence married William DALE son of Albert DALE on 3 Nov 1923. William was born in 1903. He died on 6 Sep 1955.

They had the following children:

+ 104 F i Joyce DALE

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