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The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford — Archive recordings 1906–60 (OXCD-116)


1. Magdalen College and its Chapel (John Betjeman)
2-3. She alone charmeth my sadness / Vulcan's Song (John Lomas)
4-5. A Cradle-Song of the Blessed Virgin / In Excelsis Gloria (Magdalen Glee Singers)
6. Hymnus Eucharisticus – Benjamin Rogers
7-8. Magnificat & Nunc dimittis in G – Herbert Sumsion
9. O let me at thy footstoole fall – Martin Peerson
10. The Passion according to St Matthew – Richard Davy
11. Almighty God, who hast me brought in safety to the present day – Thomas Ford
12. Jesu, dulcis memoria – Richard Dering
13. Haec Dies quam fecit Dominus – John Sheppard
14. Thy word is a lantern – Henry Purcell
15. Alleluia, laus et gloria – Orlande de Lassus
16-17. Magnificat & Nunc dimittis from the First Service – Thomas Tomkins
18. O God, when thou went'st before the people – Martin Peerson
19. We will rejoice – Bernard Rose
20-21. Magnificat & Nunc dimittis from the Magdalen Service – Kenneth Leighton
22. Bring us, O Lord God – William Harris


Available directly from the College

This anthology of early recordings by Magdalen College Choir. From the late Victorian period to 1960. Includes material recorded over a century ago on the Odeon label, May morning from a Pathé Newsreel soundtrack, and BBC choral evensong broadcasts. Only available to purchase from the college.

Magdalen College, Oxford
The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford

One has listened with a sort of fascinated horror to archive recordings, some of them from quite famous establishments; in the case of this anthology I would say that the fascination outways the horror, and the quality of the first few tracks, very early studio recordings of individuals and small groups from the choir, is agreeably good. ...Equally fascinating is the written evidence provided in an unusually extensive set of liner notes. Anyone seriously interested in the history of our great choirs would do well to buy a copy.
Oxford Today (Vol 25 No 2)
.a unique musical scrapbook of live recordings, variable in sound quality. ....There are some sensitive early rendtitions of works by Rose and his protege Kenneth Leighton on the final tracks, which give a better glimpse of Rose's importand contribution to Oxford's choral history.

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