Descendants of John Martin


1. John Martin

ADDRESS: (1846, marriage certificate): Holborn Lane, High Street, (Chatham?)
(1847, Richard's birth certificate): 1 Dunstall Place (St Nicholas), Rochester
(1851): Pump Lane, Rochester - Living next door is Sarah Field's father and brother.
(1853, Elizabeth's birth certificate): Pump Lane, Rochester
(1861): 8 Pump Lane, Rochester
(1862, George Alfred's birth certificate): Pump Lane, Rochester
(1871): 5 The Common
(1881): High St Common 5 Ross's Buildings. I am guessing that Ross's Buildings refers to property owned by Charles Ross a local shipbuilder who used the Haven Quay/Acorn Wharf area for his business premises.
(1891): 5 The Common (assumed, as census record taken on barge)
(1901): 9 The Common, Rochester

DEATH: (FreeBMD): Jul - Sep 1910 aged 90 - Vol 2a Page 330, Medway District. Death certificate states he died in Chatham Workhouse. Cause of death is epitheliema of lip. George Alfred Martin in attendance. Plot A288 St Nicholas Cemetery

OCCUPATION: (1846): Fisherman
(1847, Richard's birth record): Mariner
(1851): Fisherman
(1861): Master Mariner
(1862): description changed to Merchant Seaman on George Alfred's birth certificate.
(1866, George Edward's birth record): Fisherman
(1871, 2nd April): Master of barge "Waterloo"
(1881): Bargemaster
(1891, 5th April): Master of barge "Collingwood"
(1901): Retired!

MARRIAGE: Marriage certificate indicates that Sarah Field was illiterate. Witnesses: Elizabeth Smith and someone with a surname of Whiffin. Service performed in Chatham Parish Church by John Henry Stimson, Asst Curate. 2 Nov 1846, No 254, Page 127.

BIOGRAPHY: Apprenticed to Thomas Goodwin (who married Susanna Martin) on 25th February 1836. Extract taken from Apprenticeship Register of the Fishery 12th August 1837. [Medway Archives RCA/02/22 p.136, Register of Apprenticeships to Freeman & Roll of Freeman (RCA/02/08)]. No mention of father, which is inconsistent with other entries. Made Freeman of the City of Rochester, and of the Fishery and Company of Free Dredgers 26th/31st July 1843.

BIOGRAPHY: Reputed to have been a smuggler using a fishing boat entitled "Nancy Bell". Apparently sent to prison three times (tbc) Eunice believes once in Dublin? Refer to the book "The River Medway and Valley" published by William Coles-Finch, published in 1929. Inside there is a drawing of the Smuggler's Home, Channel Islands (Jersey) which was donated by George Alfred Martin. The legend below the painting states: "View of Mr John Martin's House, Gorey, Isle of Jersey 1830". Painting attributed to TR. Apparently this painting lived at the bungalow (Dad thinks not), but is now with Charles. The photographs (found on the back of the painting) date back to 1950 taken by W J Martin with writing on the reverse suggesting that the house was a pub called "The Victoria".

BIOGRAPHY: (2005 research): The manager (Paul Hurley) of the Anne Street Brewery (CI), suggests that the place could have been The Victoria Bath(s) Hotel at Greve D'Azette in St.Clement, which latterly was became Edleweiss Hotel then Dunes Hotel, but has since been knocked down and is a block of flats.

BIOGRAPHY: (2006 research): Flats called Maison Victor Hugo, La Greve D'Azette, St Clement, JE2 6PW. Another colleague suggests the Demi Des Par Hotel which stood around 50yards to the left of the apartments. Jayne ( suggests that the Hurley suggestion is all wrong because the topography is very flat (ie no hills behind!). So we're back to Gorey. I've today found a 1904 photo of Gorey Harbour taken by Frederick William Spinner in the Societe Jersiaise (ref SJPA/019374). The aspect is from the pier inland (away from castle). It shows a granite sea wall including "Volunteers Hotel" in much the same location and similar layout to the 1950s photos.

BIOGRAPHY: (Nov 2006) 3hrs research by Jersey Heritage trust has produced the following information:
1851 census has two inns called Victory Inn and Victoria Inn both in Gorey. Likely location is Victory Inn situated halfway up hill from harbour close to Battery House. Victory Inn run by Charles Whitley & family until 1881, but in 1871 census the place is incorrectly called Victoria Inn. In the 1881 census, there are three pubs near each other - Victory Inn, Fairview Inn, & Volunteers Inn. In the 1891 census, the only Inn remaining is the Volunteer Hotel with William Falle as the publican. In 1898 Edward Burt takes over the license until 1911.

BIOGRAPHY: (2007): Holiday to Jersey. The building has been located. Same footprint as in the old photos. House name of "Seabright" . No-one in so we could not investigate further.

BIRTH: Christened in St Nicholas Church, Rochester 10th March 1822. Page 121, no 966 - Parish registers.

Sarah Field

DEATH: (FreeBMD): No 95, Vol 2a Page 309, Medway District. Died from influenza/bronchitis - Eliza Martin present at death. Plot 288 St Nicholas Cemetery.

ADDRESS: (1851): Pump Lane, Rochester
(1861): 8 Pump Lane, Rochester
(1871): 5 The Common
(1881): High St Common 5 Ross's Building

BIRTH: IGI reference

CHRISTENING: 28 May 1820 Gillingham

3. Sarah Redsell Martin

DEATH: (FreeBMD): Jun 1857 Vol 2a Page 173, Medway District

4. Amelia Martin

OCCUPATION: (1871): Domestic servant (unemployed)
(1881): Seamstress
(1891): Needlewoman at Lunatic Asylum
(1901): Stewardess at Lunatic Asylum

ADDRESS: (1861): Living with parents
(1871): Living with parents
(1881): Working at Ticehurst Lunatic Asylum, Sussex
(1891): Working at Ticehurst Lunatic Asylum, Sussex
(1901): Living with father.
(1933): Living at Weston Road, Strood with George Alfred when she died.

DEATH: Plot A288 St Nicholas Cemetery. Oct-Dec 1933 Vol 2A Page 951, Strood District

6. George Edward Martin

ADDRESS: (1881): missing

CHRISTENING: Parish records entry: No 1596, Page 200

DEATH: 1st July 1857. Page 67, No 530 St Nicholas Parish Registers

BURIAL: Plot 161 St Nicholas Cemetery, Rochester

7. Eliza Martin

OCCUPATION: (1881): Stay Maker
(1891): Upholstress
(1901): Unemployed

ADDRESS: (1861): Living with parents
(1871): Living with parents
(1881): Living with parents
(1891): Working at Ticehurst Lunatic Asylum, Sussex
(1901): The Common

DEATH: (Ancestry): Jul-Sep 1905 Vol 2A Page 349, Medway District
16th July 1905 at Larkhill Lodge.

BURIAL: Plot A288, St Nicholas Cemetery

9. George Alfred Martin

OCCUPATION: (1881): Carpenter's Labourer?
(1901): described as Companion to Gentleman (name believed to be Jeffreys?)

ADDRESS: (1871): Living with parents
(1881): Living with parents
(1901): The Common
(1910, father's death certificate): 65 Weston Road Strood, Kent
(1932): 65 Weston Road, Strood, Kent

BIRTH: Certificate ref. No 290. Born at Pump Lane, Rochester

BIOGRAPHY: Lived with Aunt Amelia in Weston Road, Strood. They kept chickens in an unkept garden, and had a dog called Cakey. George Alfred apparently gave imaginative/descriptive names to people.
Dad recalls that on Jeffrey's death, he left some/all his property to George Alfred, which in turn was left to Frank Everden/William John. I discovered a ledger at home which used to hold rent details. The front cover has the address of George Alfred on 1st October 1932.

DEATH: Plot A288 St Nicholas Cemetery. Oct-Dec 1950 Vol 5b Page 294, Chatham District

10. Frank Martin

BIOGRAPHY: Believed to have emigrated to Australia, returned briefly in 1930s. I can only find one record in passenger immigration lists in 1882. Bound for Victoria on the Ship Potosi, Fiche 406, Page 004. Eunice reckons he once lived in Sydney, and ran a large department store.

ADDRESS: (1871): Living with parents
(1881): missing

BIRTH: Entry 2164, Page 271 St Nicholas Parish Records