Cumulative Lists of Music, Venues and Dates

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Communion Services
Byrd Mass for 4 voices 92a, 99a, 12b
Mass for 5 voices 93a, 98a
Darke in E 84a, 95a, 07
in F 80, 91a, 03
Gabrieli Missa Brevis 00a
Haydn Little Organ Mass 95b, 98b, 06, 12b
Howells Coll. Reg. 83a, 97b, 00b, 13b
Jackson Mass in G 89b
Lassus Bel' Amfitrit' altera 94b
Leighton in D 82, 96, 05b
Leighton Missa brevis 90a
Ley in E minor 86a
Lloyd Webber in E minor 86a
Mozart Missa Brevis in F, K.192 94a, 99b, 10
Mozart Coronation Mass in C 02
Oldroyd Mass for a Quiet Hour 84b
Palestrina Missa Aeterna Christi Munera 08
Palestrina Missa brevis 89a, 93b
Piccolo Canterbury Mass 87b
Preston Missa Brevis 88b
Ridout (a Rite A congregational setting) 81
Schubert in G 97a, 04, 14b
Stanford in Bb (Gloria, Sanctus) 90b, 09
in F (Benedictus, Agnus Dei) 90b, 09
Sumsion in F 79, 87a, 09
Vaughan Williams in D minor 86b
Victoria Missa Ascendens Christus in Altum 11a
Vierne Messe solennelle 01
Walker, F in E 92b
Wills Missa Eliensis 85b
Wilson, Alan Mass of All Saints (Rite A) 83b (Gloria only), 88a
Ayleward83a, 90b, 04
Byrd80, 86a, 91b, 93b, 98a
Clucas 83b, 00b, 05b, 12b, 14b
John Holmes84b
Jackson (ECS 73)99a
Leech, Peter07
Leighton86b, 94b, 00a
Lloyd (first set)88b
Radcliffe96, 09
Reading81, 88a, 89b
Rose82, 90a, 95b, 02, 10
Sanders 11a
Shephard 5-part92b, 01
Smith84a, 85b, 93a
Spedding, Alan06
Spicer, Paul87b
Tanner, Stephen 13b
Tomkins79, 87a, 97b, 98b, 08
Tunnard92a, 05a
Walsh, Michael99b
Morning Canticles
BrittenJubilate in C 83b, 89a, 98a, 14b
Te Deum in C85b, 89a, 98a, 05a
Festival Te Deum00b
ElgarTe Deum87a
GibbonsShort (T.D. & Ben.)81
Harwoodin A flat86b, 00a
HowellsColl.Reg. (T.D. & J.)79, 83b, 91a
(T.D.)97a, 02
Ireland in C (T.D.)84a
in F (T.D.)99b
in F (Jubilate)84b, 99b
Stanfordin B flat 82 (T.D. & J.), 98b (T.D.), 06 (T.D. & J.), 08 (T.D. & J.), 14b (T.D.)
Stanfordin C85a, 88b J., 93b T.D.
SumsionBenedicite in B flat86a
T.D. and Ben. in G87b
Tomkins1st Service (Ben.)90a
Vaughan Williamsin G (T.D.)80, 90b
WaltonJubilate85b, 05a
Evening Canticles
Astonin F92a, 06
Bairstowin D83a, 93a, 96, 99a
Batten4th85b, 99b
Blairin B minor82, 94a, 03
BlowShort in F81, 86b
Brewerin D88b, 92b, 03, 08
in E flat89b
ByrdSecond 80, 91b, 98b, 14b
Short82, 95b
Chilcott, Bob Downing Service 13b
Darkein F94b
Drakefordin E minor86a
Dysonin F87a, 93b
Dysonin D05a
Fede, InnocenzoN.D.07
GibbonsShort79, 91b, 05b, 08
Grayin F minor (double ch.)85a, 91b, 05a
Grayin B flat95b
Harwoodin A flat86a
Howellsin G81, 95a, 10
Coll. Reg.83b, 90a, 98a
Gloucester87b, 94b
St John's Coll., Cambridge01
St Paul's89a, 00a
Humfreyin E minor87b
Jacksonin G02
Jacksonin G minor90a
Kellyin C90b
Coll. Mag. Oxon.95a
Marini, Biagio Mag.07
Murrillin E84a, 00b, 09
MathiasEvening Service88a
Nicholsonin D flat91a
Noblein A minor07
Noblein B minor 97b, 11a
Patrick, Nin A minor88a
Purcell, Danielin E minor83b, 90a
Purcellin G minor84b, 92b, 96, 99a
Smartin B flat89a, 10
Stanfordin A85a
in G92a, 00b
Sumsionin A90b, 98b
in D99b
in G80, 89b, 04
Tallisin the Dorian mode84a, 06
Tomkins2nd87b, 97b
Walmisleyin B flat (double choir)92b
Walmisleyin D major86b, 00b
Walmisley In D minor 11a
Walton 93a
Watsonin E84b
Weelkes Service for Trebles83a
Short 89b, 13b
Wesley, S. E87a, 95b
Wisein E flat/F81, 97a, 02
Woodin E flat no. 2 04, 12b, 14b
in F (Coll. Reg.)79, 93b, 09
in D85b, 94a, 05b
Anthems and Motets
Amner Come, let's rejoice96, 06
Anon.O Lord, the maker of all thing 88a
AstonAlleluia psallat86b
BaintonAnd I saw a new heaven00a, 09
BairstowBlessed city81, 90b, 00b, 04
I sat down under his shadow 04, 08
Jesu, the very thought95a
Let all mortal flesh80, 88b, 92b
Lord, thou hast been our refuge 96
Sing ye to the Lord 13b
Though I speak89b
Bairstow/GibbonsJesu, grant me this, I pray85b
BattenO sing joyfully79, 93b
BattishillO Lord, look down from heaven 92a, 01
BlithemanIn pace91b, 95a
BlowSalvator mundi 82, 90a, 00a, 12b
BoyceTurn thee unto me98a
BrahmsGeistliches Lied97b, 03
How lovely are thy dwellings 98b, 10
BrucknerAve Maria05a
Christus factus est 85a, 11a
Locus iste 89b, 98b, 12b
BullockGive us the wings of faith03
ByrdAve verum corpus81, 93a, 07, 10
Civitas sancti tui98b
Ego sum panis vivus04
Haec dies89a, 95a, 05a
Justorum animae82, 02
Laudibus sanctis86b, 92b
O magnum mysterium90b
Sing joyfully97a
Teach me, O Lord80
Caesar, ASoul of my Saviour89b, 03
Clarke, JeremiahPraise the Lord, O Jerusalem99a
Crecquillon, TUnus panis et unum corpus99a
DarkeChrist whose glory90b
C. Thorpe DavieCome, holy ghost83b
DeringO vos omnes84a, 88b
DowlandMy spirit longs for thee83b
DurufleTantum ergo 86b, 91a, 01, 12b
DurufleUbi caritas87b, 90a, 94b, 09
ElgarGive unto the Lord83a, 89b
Intende voci orationis meae91b
Light out of darkness05b
FaureCantique de Jean Racine00b
Ferguson, BarryIt was in that train97b
Friedell, Harold Draw us in the spirit's tether05b
Gardiner, BalfourTe lucis ante terminum 88b, 99b, 13b
GibbonsHosanna to the Son of David 91a
If ye then be risen97a
O clap your hands85b, 89a
O Lord, in thy wrath93b
GossO Saviour of the world84a
GreavesChrist is our cornerstone05a
GreeneLord, let me know mine end 81, 90a
GriegAve maris stella00b
HadleyMy beloved spake83a
Handel Worthy is the Lamb (Messiah) 93a
HarwoodO how glorious79, 02
HarrisBring us, O Lord God91b
Faire is the heaven 85a, 11a
Holy is the true light96
HaydnInsanae et vanae curae80
HolstLord, thou hast made us94a
HowellsLet God arise88a
Like as the hart93a
O pray for the peace of Jerusalem88b, 07
HurfordMagdalen cease from sobs and sighs 86a
IrelandGreater love 98a, 11a
Ives, GraystonListen, sweet dove 87a, 14b
JoubertO Lord, the maker90b
LassusJubilate (Choral Public Domain Library) 03
LeightonLet all the world91a, 94a
Ley, H. (arr.) The strife is o'er99a
Lloyd, RichardView me, Lord 82, 12b
McKie, W.We wait for thy loving kindness 96
Manz, Paul E’en so, Lord Jesus, quickly come 11a
MathiasAlleluia psallat89a
Let the people praise thee87a, 99b
Mawby, ColinAve verum00a
Moore, PhilipIt is a thing most wonderful92a
MorleyNolo mortem peccatoris84a, 90a
MozartAve verum corpus02
MuddLet thy merciful ears04
MundyO Lord, the maker79, 88a
NicholsonO salutaris hostia83a
OldroydPrayer to Jesus79, 89b
OuseleyO Saviour of the world86a
PalestrinaDeus, Deus meus99a
PalestrinaExsultate Deo00b
PalestrinaHaec dies88a
ParryI was glad 82, 14b
My soul, there is a country86b, 99b, 09
There is an old belief01
ParsonsAve Maria83b, 94a
PhilipsAve verum corpus95a
Jubilate Deo04
Surgens Jesus83a, 86a
PiccoloI look from afar96
Jesus Christ the apple-tree05b
PopplewellI will lift up mine eyes03
PoulencExsultate Deo91b
O magnum mysterium99b
PurcellHear my prayer, O Lord81, 89b, 92b, 03
Jehovah, quam multi sunt hostes 84b
My beloved spake85a
O God, thou art my God80
Remember not, Lord93b
Thou knowest, Lord81, 90a, 97b, 05b
I was glad87b
RadcliffeO bone Jesu97b
RutterThe Lord bless you91a
SchutzBlessed are the faithful85b
Ich ruf' zu dir95b
Praise to thee, Lord Jesus84a
Severac, Deodat deTantum ergo97a
Shepherd, RHoly is the true light95b
StanfordBeati quorum via92b, 96, 02, 08
For lo, I raise up87b, 95b
Justorum animae87b, 95b, 06
Ye choirs of new Jerusalem87a
SumsionThey that go down to the sea 84b, 97b
TallisDum transisset Sabbatum85a
O nata lux98a, 08
O sacrum convivium84b
Purge me, O Lord04
Verily, verily I say unto you89a
Tanner, Stephen Steal away 13b
TomkinsO God, wonderful art Thou87b
When David heard92a
Tucapsky, A.Pater mi98a
Vaet, JacobusO quam gloriosum88a
VannBehold how good and joyful 84b
Vaughan Williams, R.Let all the world in every corner sing 08, 12b
Vierne Tantum ergo 14b
VictoriaGaudent in coelis91b
VictoriaO quam gloriosum00b
WaltonSet me as a seal94b
WhitlockHear, O my Lord93b
WeelkesAlleluia, I heard a voice87a, 08
Gloria in excelsis86a
Wesley, S.In exitu Israel85b, 97a
Wesley, S.Exsultate Deo94b, 10
Wesley S SAscribe unto the Lord89b, 95b, 06
Wesley S S Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace 13b
WoodHail, gladdening light83b, 92b, 04
'Tis the day of resurrection05a
Miscellaneous music
Stone Lord's Prayer85b, 91b, 97b, 98a (Compline)
Venues & Dates
YearSpring (a)Summer (b)
1981St Albans
1999WorcesterSt Edmundsbury
2001St Albans
2005 St David'sPortsmouth
2011Exeter (weekend of Passion Sunday)
2012 Belfast
2013 Portsmouth
2014 Lincoln (Final)

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