Descendants of Thomas Charles WEBB

Fourth Generation

13. Ivy Dorothy Mary ROLFE (Fanny Dorothy WEBB , Herbert Styles , Thomas Charles ) was born on 15 Jul 1918 in Rochester, Kent. She died on 17 May 1985 in Bath.

BIOGRAPHY: Went to school first to Troy Town then Fort Pitt.

Ivy married Norman WATSON son of Frank Annison WATSON and Florence Lillas HOSKIN on 21 Oct 1944 in St Nicholas, Rochester. Norman was born on 2 Oct 1920 in Gillingham, Kent. He died on 3 Apr 2008 in AvonPark Resedential Home, Bath.

BIRTH: Born at Shakespeare Road, Gillingham

BIOGRAPHY: Trained as an Electrical Apprentice in Chatham Dockyard, then went to Royal Naval College, Greenwich. Key manager at Chatham Dockyard. Worked in Malta. Posted to Bath at end of War. Was Personnel Manager at Devonport Dockyard. Retired back in Bath. Died after long illness of alzeimer's.

Norman and Ivy had the following children:

+ 15 M i Philip WATSON

14. Vera Irene ROLFE (Fanny Dorothy WEBB , Herbert Styles , Thomas Charles ) was born on 17 Apr 1921 in Rochester. She died on 18 Jan 2005 in Appleton, Oxon.

ADDRESS: First lived at 2 James Street, Rochester (1921-9). Lived at 245 Maidstone Road, Rochester (1929-43). When first married lived at 71 St Margaret's Street. When married, spent time in Weymouth (1945), and Dovercourt (Harwich) in 1949 when Dad was serving in Navy. Living in Englefield Green around 1951. Bought first house at 10 Pattens Lane, Rochester (before 1952). 1959 - moved to 42 Collinwood Road, Headington, Oxford. 1965 - moved to Maytree Cottage, Appleton.

BIOGRAPHY: Went to school first at Troy Town 1926-32, then Fort Pitt Grammar School for Girls 1932-8. Played piano under Professor Sharp in 1931. Passed Pitmans & RSA in shorthand (120wpm), and typing (60wpm). From 1938-45 joined Medway Choir and performed amongst others Merrie England, and Rebel Maid at the Central Hall. Choir apparently disbanded during War.

OCCUPATION: From 1938, joined Kent County Council at Springfield, Maidstone, as a Junior Receptionist and clerk in the Elementary Section. From 1939-45, joined the Building Department as a Shorthand Typist, then personal secretary to Mr G White (Sights & Buildings), and Mr Knight in Accounts. From 1968-85 worked for Local Examination Schools, Oxford as a leader of section dealing with certificates.

Vera married Ronald MARTIN son of Frank Everden MARTIN and Bessie Mabel WICKER.

They had the following children:

  16 M i Bernard Hugh MARTIN
        Bernard married Joyce Margaret MYLCHREEST.

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